Cubase 13 hangs if answer Yes to 'Save Changes?'

When quitting from a project, Cubase always asks me if I want to save changes, even when none have been made since the last Save, and even if the very last thing I just did was Save.

However if I choose Yes anyway, then Cubase hangs, whereas if I simply Quit and answer No, then it quits instantly.

I’ve had this from time to time - and more often than not, it was a questionable plugin.

The other potential cause could be a corrupted Cubase Preferences file, in which case making Cubase start with a new one is the right solution.

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Thanks, Nico. I’ll try that.

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Ah, the age old corrupted preferences files… It’s the #1 answer to any issue in Cubase—trash you preferences! I can’t think of any other computer software that struggles this much with storing and retrieving program preferences.

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PS the only plugin in use in the project in question is Vienna Symphonic Library VE Pro 7 and VI Pro.

Since I’ve never been an intense forum participant on any other software of as advanced functional depth as Cubase, I can’t tell if Cubase is relatively better or worse in that aspect than comparables or if it attracts more grumpy old men in its forum than comparables or whatever other comparative measures there might be.

I do know however, that in over 2 decades of use, I’ve had to trash the Cubase preferences file maybe two or three times. However, I’m also aware that a lot of aspects of my computer use are coloured by my comp-sci background and good fortune in where I’ve lived, therefore probably don’t represent a realistic average user. From using a bit more upscale hardware components to not intentionally crashing processes during disk activity. I’ve also been fortunate to have reasonably clean and stable wall power over the years. And I’ve not used software from some of the more shady parts of the Internet. And my DAW machine isn’t my daily driver. And I don’t run a 24x7 pro studio operation.

So I wouldn’t be able to confirm or refute your statement. :grinning:

You’ve spent enough time on these forums to have noticed that trashing your preferences is a blanket answer to anything that goes wrong with Cubase.
I’m in front of a computer about 40-60 hours/week and not ever have I had to trash preferences of any other software. In fact, I’ve never even heard of it as a general solution for software malfunction not any other DAW, not any other software.

the word “anything” seems to be doing a lot of work in that sentence :slight_smile:

Not to mention the work creating a new set of preferences. I generally take the file out and if the problem re-occurs, I put it back knowing that is not the issue.
Cubase was crashing on shutdown with all my C12 projects. I got the cascading warning window. However new projects seem to be ok. Support told me to change a few computer settings and that helped. They also identified a couple of plugins they thought I might need to update. I did that too, although i think they were the latest versions anyway in the case of UAD.
Derek it might be worth checking you have the latest versions of your plugins.

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