Cubase 13 - How To Delete Folders?

So many important things that need to be done by the devs. Like making the folder tracks collapsible in the mixer. Please don’t make a feature request for this. Spend the few seconds removing the tracks and then delete the folder.

You could maybe make it easier with a PLE macro. Something along the lines of you first selecting the folders that have tracks you want to not be inside folders, choosing a visibility agent to only see those folder tracks, select all audio tracks only, and then you can drag all tracks outside of all those folders in one move. May have to include an ‘open folder(s)’ command too.

I would think that could speed things up.

I get your request though.

Dear LuckyPuPPy,
Even if you might have been thinking that developers are not reading the forum (which is not correct), it is not very respectful to say the rude things about people who are absent like you did. Absent people cannot defend themselves…
And maybe look at the Forum Guidelines. A few topics:

Thank you. Robrecht


Please stop with all the thought police, public shaming, strong arming. It’s really rude! No need to continue to rehash 1 comment that I made and turn it into some major international cyber crime. In the name of preventing rudeness, what some of you are doing is nothing more than repeated gaslighting and being rude, all in your never-ending quest to highlight every small verbal infraction someone makes and blow it all out of it’s original proportion. Stop already. I find it rude and offensive for people who persist in trying to public shame and gaslight me over and over again. Please take your own advise. You thought police seem to completely overlook that I apologized almost 2 weeks ago.

That is really interesting, you are trying to turn the case around, by claiming other users are rude against you? Wow…

Every answer I see here is a polite try to explain to you what you did with your posting. The only rude words I can find here is in the posting from you, not from the other users.

That has nothing to do with gaslighting, it is a polite way of giving you hints to the policies of the forum we all follow.

@Robrecht_Paternoster pointed you to the places where this is described and that is a polite way to help, not to offend you and it is far away from anything like rude.

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Thanks for sharing your opinion. But no one, including you, me or anyone else gets to definitively dictate what someone considers rude or offensive. I’m offended by this constant harrassment an rehashing over a simple comment. I define it as harrassment and thought policing shaming. I will state once again, how interesting that all you thought police COMPLETELY IGNORE that I apologized. Usually it’s a polite thing to accept an apology. But instead you thought police choose to IGNORE the fact that I apologized and instead continue to harrass me with your public shaming an try to make something so small into a major international cybercrime. I’m offended at this behavior and feel harassed and so far this gaslighting and harrassment continues.

I’m done.

Dear LuckyPuPPy,
Your apologies are well received and accepted, thank you.
We just try to be friendly and respectful to each other, and my post was only meant for that: as I understand you are relatively new on the Forum, I just wanted to help you.
Welcome, and warm greetings! :slight_smile: