Cubase 13 improvements (Bug-List)

Dear Steiberg development team,

To start, the Cubase is a wonderfull tool and very good already. But I have identified a few issues that could get some improvments in the next update.

First of all I run it under my PC machine:
Cubase 13 Pro (Version 13.0.41)
Windows11 with up to date version and drivers.
AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 16-Core Processor
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080
I have one main screen 4K screen horizontal and one side screen 4K vertical.

Issue 1:
When I am going with the computer in sleep modus with Cubase and waking up I can work as normal on the projects. But if I am having a video in the project the video is black after wake up process. Only close and reload the project is bringing back the video.

Issue 2:
In midi editor, it is not possible in the ruler bar to click with the mouse to bring the locator to the beginning of the midi event. The textbox is preventing cklicking into it.

Workarround is to move the bar one into the front and then click slightly next to the beginning. Or clicking right by the text and using locator weel. But this is inconvenient for midi step input or put the locator to the start.

Issue 3
Arrenger text in some boxes dissapear when zooming in.
Arrenger text also dissapears when track width is shorten to smallest.

Issue 4
I guess because of my monitor arrengement one is horizontal, one is vertical, (was not an issue in Cubase 12) the window when going from fullscreen to partial window in a complete unsuable design. Going back to fullscreen roles back the problem. Sometimes it is workig fine, but most of the time it is not and behaviour like this here:

Issue 5
When using atriculations, the artiulcation is not bound to note. If the note (midi) length is changed, the articulation does not. Here a function to bind it would be nice. Also when copying midi events that it can be also copying the articulation.
Second, articulation are completely not working when exporting midi into Dorico 5 Pro. So at the moment, composing with articulation and then transfer it as one track line to Dorico that includes articulation information is not working at this stage.

I hope this can help to improve the Cubase any furthure and I am happy to test it.

Best regards,


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It works for me here on Mac. It might be also related to your graphic card. Have you installed the latest Studio driver, please?

This is very old and well known design flaw.

I expect you mean:
In Key Editor, it is not possible in the ruler to click with the mouse to bring the Cursor to the beginning of the MIDI Part.

This works as specified. There is the mechanism to hide objects in some cases.

This looks wierd. Do you use any Windows extension, which might cause this?

The Articulation s are just triggers. They don’t last for the whole Note length.

Issue 2
Yeah it’s a bit annoying. I just click a few pixels next to the beginning and the snap does the job.

Dear Martin,

thank you for your answers.

Issue 1

Do you mean with studio driver graphic card driver? I installed newest Nvidia version. Just tested again. Video is black after wake up from standby. Even close the video window and open it again does not solve it. Only restart of Cubase.

Issue 2

Thank you, then I am waiting that it is fixed, hopefully in the next versions. Yes I meaned Key Editor.

Issue 3

Understood, makes sense for midi events that the text does not block the midi lines. But for me it makes no sense for arrenger, becasue in the arrenger there are no midi lines and to read the text is for me priority. Just minor display issue.

Issue 4

I have only installed Micorsoft Power Toys with Fancy Zones. But I need to activate the zones for the window by pressing SHIFT key. to snap the window to the zone. This was not the case for the mixture window.

Issue 5

Understood. It would be nice if there could be button to link the articulation to the note for changing length or copy it. Just as an option. Like the grid snap function for example.

Best regards,


See what @Martin.Jirsak said, and yes it has been reported.

This is called “Show Part Boarders” and it can be turned off/on (assuming you have “Multiple Part Controls” checked in the Set Up Tool Bar.

Also at this time unfortunately there is no Key Command to turn Show Part Boarders On/Off so you must do so with the mouse. That too has been requested.

A good workaround for Issue #2 is to use Shift+Alt which lets you click anywhere to place the project cursor. This works in the Project Window as well as the Key Editor.

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Dear All,
I found another behaviour that is in conflict with composing.

issue 6

If I use the chord track for example here simple chord progression it plays all the time the last chord when start playing on any bar behind the G trigger point.
In detail: by bar 199 I start with the locator playing the tracks C,A,F, then the G is triggered by 4/4 of bar 199. Good so far. When I place then the locator to bar 200 or even bar 250 and I start play chord G will be played anywere behind the trigger of G. Only way is to delete the chords or mute the chord track.

Best regards,



This works as expected, thanks to the MIDI Chase Events.

Btw, I don’t think it’s a good idea to have dedicated thread for every single user. From my point of view, this makes the forum messy. I would prefer to have a thread per issue.

Thanks Martin,
understood! Plus I will make a new thread when there is comming up a future question.
Best regards,