Cubase 13 input buses - why?

Just moved to Cubase 13 Pro after many years in Logic Pro. One thing that seems very clunky is Input Busses. In every other DAW the input from my converter are simply available - in Cubase I have to create “Input Busses”. Seems unnecessary and cumbersome. I don’t ever need to see an input bus - I would just like all my inputs available. I don’t track through plugins and I manage level before the input. Am I missing something?

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You can select any input in the Add Track dialog.

But the Inputs have its advantages. You can have multiple setups, load and save presets quickly.

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You can create two mono input busses and a stereo input bus connected to the same two hardware channels. Useful for people with a small audio interface.

You can put filters, EQ, and effects on an input bus, if you want to record something with certain effects imprinted already.

And, as Martin mentioned, they are optional. You dont have to use them.

Well, input buses aren’t optional if you want to use the physical inputs of an audio interface, right? In order for interface inputs to show up they need to be created as input options in the “Audio Connections” “Inputs” tab, at least as far as I can see.

I would recommend that you a) create a preset of inputs in that window, just so you can quickly reset it to your preference, and b) use templates with everything already set up.

Also, you can show/hide tracks of different types in a lot of areas in Cubase, so you can simply choose not to see the input buses in the edit or mix windows. And once you hide them it’s as if they aren’t there.

Thanks Martin, I see that you can assign any input to a new channel. If you want to quickly assign input 1 to a new mono track - it is assigned to Stereo Left… As a new project has a stereo input bus. Sure I could create multiple setups, but that is more steps than selecting any input or output. Also when adding a track, all inputs are available, but only one stereo output. I’m sure a template would solve all this. Just wondering if any others have similar thoughts.

Thanks Mattias, do you know if there’s a setting to hide input busses by default?

Thanks Johnny, this is easy in most other DAWs without needing input busses.
I never record through plugins because of latency in Logic. Is that not an issue in Cubase?

By default? No I don’t. Again, your best bet is to work off of templates where you’ve already set them up according to your liking. What you could do is create a visibility configuration and assign a key command to it and recall it that way. I think that will include which types are visible. Of course if you do that everything else in that configuration will be restored I would think.

As for latency from input buses I doubt it matters much unless you’re actually using processing on them. I don’t really have to deal with it so I don’t know, but I would imagine that processing would be the only real problem.

Ok great - thank you! The input busses remind me of the old-school consoles… You had the input channels on the left side and the mix channels on the right. Then SSL came out with the Inline console where you could monitor both. Input busses seem totally unnecessary since you should be able to do everything on the channel.

I know what you mean.


I mean the Select Hardware Input area.

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It depends on the plugins that are used. The filters from the Pre section and the standard equalizer don’t introduce too much latency. Only a few samples.

Yes thank you, that’s what I meant too :grin:

Thanks Johnny, I made it a habit to never track through plugins. I have created a template with all the input and output busses hidden - They are not useful to my workflow. Cubase looks nice and clean now. Time to start learning the keyboard shortcuts. Thanks for taking the time to answer my newbie questions!