Cubase 13 Input Transformer Math "Off by One" Problem

Cubase 13 Input Transformer value stored off by 1. Same result if the value is a result of math.
if controller number inside range 1 to 3, value 2 set to fixed value 64.
The value reported is 63.
This appears to be a classic “off by one” (zero versus one based).

It does not matter if the result is specified or calculated; same off by one.

This does NOT happen in Cubase 12. There works as expected.

Further test shows setting value to 0 or to 1 BOTH result in 0 being new value.

Zero is NOT being changed; positive number stored as (number - 1). Does not matter if calculated or specified; same result.

Again, works as expected in Cubase 12.

Here’s a video illustrating the issue.