Cubase 13 instability when using Padshop (does not happen in Cubase 12)

I have a Cubase 13 project and I added the Padshop plugin, with MIDI that plays in a small section of the track. As soon as Padshop is triggered (a few bars into the project) the maximum load meter shows excess load and audible clicking artefacts are heard.
If I freeze the Padshop track then the issue goes away.

I open the same project using Cubase 12 and the there is no issue at all with loading, no artefacts and no need to freeze the Padshop track. I can work with this project for a couple of hours in Cubase 12 with no issues. BUT every time I open it in Cubase 13.0.20 the load issue manifests as soon as the Padshop track is triggered.

Is this a known issue that will be corrected in a maintenance release?


Try to increase the Audio Device’s Buffer Size, please.

Hi Martin
I tried to reproduce the problem today and so far have not been able to? If I see the issue return I will update this thread again.
I was using a buffer size of 64 samples with an RME Fireface 800.

Your hint about buffer size did, however, prompt me to investigate a similar issue that I had experienced with NI Ashlight in Cubase 12 - I had not bothered to report it and stopped using Ashlight …

Anyway, I have now experimented with buffer size (I was always using 64 samples for low latency) with a project with Ashlight, using both Cubase 12 and 13. The loading\audio clicking issue is 100% reproducible with Ashlight. 64 bit buffer is never viable. 96 avoids audible artefacts with single note MIDI performances in Ashlight (meter still exposes high loading), 128 bit buffer eliminated the issue with single-note performances but I needed to step it up to 256 bits when Ashlight featured multiple notes played at the same time…

Hopefully the info is informative for others. I may need to adapt to using larger buffers and freezing tracks to allow lower latency when tracking live instruments in the same project.