Cubase 13 Issue - Upon startup says iLok Pitchmap license expired

Upon staring up Cubase 13 Pro (upgraded from Cubase 12 Pro) I get a prompt telling my my iLok Pitchmap (Zynaptic) license is expired (it is not and works fine in Cubase 12). When I try to re-enter the license in Cubase 13, the field only accepts numeric entries but the license is alphnumeric.

There seems to be some incompatibility where Cubase 13 is also picking up trial versions from iLok, even when full versions have been purchased and are on the SAME iLok - - in case that helps.

Just installed 13 pro. On startup I get 10 messages telling me to install the most recent iLok drivers and reboot. I have the most up to date drivers installed, rebooting doesn’t help. Using exactly the same setup in 12 before and it still works just fine. Had a chat and they hope that the next update (in just a few days) will fix it. So I’m getting by and waiting for the update.