Cubase 13 - List Editor does not have its own menu

Cubase 13 MIDI edit windows have different functionality from all other versions.

When in the main arrange page i can see all the top left drop-down menus File/Edit/Project and so on. When i open any midi editor window all the drop-down menus disappear. Why is this,it does not happen in any other Cubase Version.
In any MIDI edit page, if I want to access the MIDI drop-down menu I cannot, i have to return to the main arrange page.

Can someone explain what is the reason for this change?


I use 13 pro on a mac and the key editor works the same as it did in 12 pro in that i still have access to the same menu as i do in the project window including the midi menu. Are you on windows?

Hey, thank you for your reply.

Yes i am on Windows.


Ah, then I cannot help.

Right=click on the Title Bar & choose the option to Show Menu Bar

Thank You Raino,

I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

Please could you confirm that all Midi Editor windows display the dropdown menus? (Windows 10)

In LIST Edit window i cannot get the dropdown menus to appear.


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Hi @5am

Thank you so much for your bug report. It appears in fact that the List Editor does not provide any menu. I am reporting this right away as a bug and this will be fixed in an upcoming update.


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