Cubase 13 - loading Arturia Minifreak V causes freeze

For some reason I can’t load the Minifreak V VST in Cubase.
At first it only happened when reopening an existing project, but now even in an empty project if I add a Minifreak V instrument track Cubase shows a white screen for the VST and completely freezes.
The standalone program loads fine and the odd thing is that for the existing projects Cubase can play the midi sounds from the VST, I just can’t open the edit instrument window.
Other VSTs don’t seem to be having an issue, but the Minifreak is also my Midi controller so I don’t know if some sort of weird interaction is happening there.

I’ve also checked and my GPU drivers are up to date, if that matters.

S/W Versions:
Cubase LE AI Elements 13.0.21
Windows 10 22H2 19045.4046
Minifreak V

Dump file from the freeze:
Cubase Elements 13.0.21 64bit 2024.3.3 (2.1 MB)

Hi and welcome to the forum,

The crash is in the plug-in:


Get in contact with the plug-in vendor, please.

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if you are lucky this could work:

Go to the Arturia installer, find your minifreak and try “Clean Prefs” - was helpful for me when I got strange crashes with Arturia plugins

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If I’m reading that right it looks like the plugin thread is failing to respond to Cubase? Will do, opening a support ticket w/ Arturia

Gave it a try but unfortunately it didn’t fix it :frowning:

For posterity, it seems the issue is something to do with multiple monitors. The issue that prevented it from opening at all was because I had a TV mirroring my main display. Unplugging that let me add new tracks using the Minifreak.

The issue with the saved project was the VST was on my 2nd display. Unplugging the 2nd display and forcing it to load on my main display seems to have bypassed that. Very weird

Just a fyi, I have 3 monitors and no problems with minifreak. But I don’t have 1 mirrored but all 3 individual.

I only had 1 mirrored temporarily (Netflix to TV). Is your main display labelled #1 in Windows? Also, are you using an Nvidia card? Forgot to mention in the OP but it’s definitely related to how the Minifreak interacts with the Nvidia drivers.

I’ve done some more testing and it doesn’t seem to matter where the Cubase window is, it only freezes when the VST loads on the secondary monitor.

Hi @JimmySlips,

you might want to disable or uninstall the Nahimic Service, then you should be able to use Minifreak (or whatever other software freezing with a white window) on the second monitor.
The issue is not directly connected to NVIDIA, using multiple monitors, mirroring screens or using a TV, but the interaction between OpenGL accelerated software, Nahimic and multiple monitors (the video window in Cubase 12 would yield the same result as Minifreak).

I have checked your freezedump, which indeed has NahimicOSD.dll loaded in the modules.

I couldn’t otherwise reproduce the issue with 2 or more screens, including a 1920*1080 TV.

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That did the trick. Thank you so much. The VST loads a bit faster too.

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Great :smiley: