Cubase 13 looks way better than 12

All the complaints, but I have gone back to 13 from 12. I much prefer 13.


Me too.
Now C 13.0.30 looks way better and clearer than the old C 12 with it’s blurry dark fonts e.g.
This is the right modern GUI route.
I like C 13.

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We have C13.0.41, now. :wink: The look is the same, but bugs have been fixed.

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Yeah 12 just seems blurry and dark and I much prefer the new flatness and mixer. I just want the control room to be modernised now too. It lets down the whole new visual with that blurry, shadowy red dial.

I’m also digging the left zone much more than I thought I would.


the old bugs have not been corrected, we pay and still these old bugs appear.


A) Be specific or you’re just whining
B) Start a new Thread if you want to go off topic


The word “now” is important. The looks has changed substantially from C13.0, the most recent being the font choice in preferences.

There are still improvements needed IMO. My big one is the contrast between the amount of send. For pre-sends, I use blue and it’s difficult to distinguish. I have tried messing with some contrast controls, but it seems it’s all a compromise. I suppose I could totally switch to another color and the contrast might be better, but I have used blue for so long I don’t want to change.
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Oh and there are definitely still gripes. But on a whole, I think the direction is much better than 12.

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For me, the fonts are just too small. At default scale, some fonts have a height of 5 pixels.
Of course I can scale to 125% but that also scales everything else, like the track heights etc.

I’d really appreciate a separate font scale property

I don’t agree… To me C12 still looks better than C13 (even though some things have changed for the better since the first release).