Cubase 13 / Mac : Graphical issues in Piano Roll

First of all, this bug doesn’t seem to happen all the time, just in some situations. I am not sure exactly how to reproduce it. However, you can try the following steps:

OS: MacOS Sonoma

  1. Load up a complex project with at least 30 Instruments (KONTAKT, EW, BBC, heavy sample based project)
  2. Open Piano Roll and click on a note
  3. Move the note with your cursor keys while hovering your mouse over it

What I expect to happen:

Note is being transposed and the graphical representation of it on screen moves around in the Y-axis unaffected by the mouse cursor.

What instead happens:

Copies of the note get imprinted on the screen where the mouse cursor goes, creating a “stack” of copied “ghost” note shapes. However, the note is actually not being copied, it transposes perfectly fine, there is just no visual representation of where the note is supposed to be due to it being covered by these “ghost” notes.

Here is a video of the behavior in action:


If I understand you correctly, you don’t click with the mouse at all. You are just moving it around and you are using the arrow up/down keys to transpose the note. Am I right?

How many screens do you use? Is this the Main screen? Is it’s an external monitor, how is it connected? Is it HiDPI screen? Can you reproduce it on another screen too?

Yes, just moving it around! I was confused since it would not show the note moving, so I moved my mouse around and scrolled through the piano roll. As you can see, doing the click & slide up/down movement on the bar row to zoom out makes the glitch disappear.

I totally did not check if it was the Display Port again :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry again, will keep an eye out for that!

One screen, 4K, connected via CableMatters DP to HDMI dongle for 120Hz on my screen for more ease on the eyes :eyes: