Cubase 13 / Mac: Panning/Volume Control "locking" up

This one is difficult to reproduce. Basically, wat I did was:

  1. Open a VST and record some MIDI (In my case: Synplant 2)
  2. Render Midi to Audio
  3. Play the rendered audio in a loop
  4. Try to adjust Panning and Volume of Audio track
  5. What should happen: Volume and Pan can be changed from the inspector and mixer
  6. Instead what happens: Volume and Panning suddenly “lock” in place and cannot be changed with mouse dragging.

I checked if I had accidentally turned on automation, but there is nothing active! It’s like it just locked up out of nowhere. Also this hasn’t happened before since I was using the new Cubase 13 since friday.

I am going to try to make a new project from scratch and see if I can reproduce this easier.