Cubase 13 (MAC): Video Window Black on Playback

I’ve noticed this issue with Cubase 11 and 12 as well but was just ignoring it, hoping it was getting fixed eventually.

How to reproduce (doesn’t work all the time):

  1. Freshly launch Cubase
  2. Open Project with a Video Lane
  3. Hit Spacebar to play back the project

What is supposed to happen:

Project plays, Video is visible in Window

What instead happens:

The video window is black and no video is visible. Also the Screen proportions are not initialized.

What alleviates this problem is only resizing the window a little and it will suddenly initialize the proportions, bringing the video “back to life”.

This happens only in some cases. If Cubase was already open, there is a chance the video window might just display fine. But I just noticed this starting up my mac and launching Cubase for the first time this morning. The video window was black only until I did the resizing “workaround”.

Wow - I’ve just started using the video lane in the last couple of months, and it’s been fine so far (CB 12/ M2Pro). It’s been quite a few projects, and it’s been ok.

The videos have been mp4s from Zoom with the “Optimize for third-party video editor” box checked.

I know video’s can be pretty wacky with the MP4 format a just a container for any variation of video codecs and audio codecs.

Perhaps, it’s just a certain combination of video codecs and format?

Good one, I’ll check this out next time!