Cubase 13 / MacOS: Transpose Hotkey not working in some occasions

  1. Make project
  2. Record midi
  3. Open Key editor
  4. Select notes
  5. Press Shift+Up/Down on your keyboard

What should happen:

Notes get transposed one octave up/down.

What instead happens:

Notes transpose only one half tone.

The transpose hotkey is a common function inside the Cubase Key Editor.

Here is a video of it performing incorrectly:

I had Shift+Up/Down pressed for the movement shown here.

This seems to happen sporadically though. There is no scenario that can reproduce it reliably. After a restart of Cubase 13, the issue seems to be gone.

I came across this while scoring an ensemble piece with more than 70 instances of EW OPUS loaded.




There are similar reports like this. Unfortunately, I still can’t reproduce it.

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Allright, after opening another one of my bigger orchestral projects, for the most part using EW OPUS, it happened again. It must certainly have something to do with high RAM/DSP usage and/or disk streaming?