Cubase 13 Media Bay auditioning problem

Hey guys, please do me a favour and check if the media bay is working fine when auditioning loops in Cubase 13?
So the F5 main Media Bay, it’s inconsistent for me, it’s set to play with the project, it plays the loop fully, then nothing (even though the scrub line is moving through the loop), then it plays it again and repeat.
Sometimes, it carries on playing as expected so the issue with the main Media Bay is intermittent.
The media bay on the right zone, that has the issue as above, but it always does it, one full play back, quiet, then full play back, never managed to get it to keep playing.
This is for my own samples by the way, the included loops seem ok on both media bays’, I am going to loops on my drives, please check them.

Is this also happening for you? Wasn’t an issue in v12.

Please report back if you can, may need to report this as a bug.