Cubase 13 Media Bay Search result fonts now more difficult too read

I noticed that the search results in the media bay are smaller and more difficult to read. Does anybody know if this is adjustable? For someone whose eyesight is not at 100% (there are many of us out there) this is a big deal. (I have no trouble reading anything else in my DAW, so it’s not just “increase your resolution”).
If this is not adjustable, what an exasperating design decision. I’ve put in 100’s of hours organizing all my VI’s across four drives, using Media Bay/Track presets as the master organizer. Why make it more difficult to read? What was the reason? To appear more modern?
I hope they fix this. Or if it’s pilot error (possible) if someone can tell me how to increase the font size of the search results? The drive listings in the left-hand pane appear to be the same size, it’s only the search results that I have to squint now every time I try and search for something.
First image is Cubase 12, second is 13. Click the images to see increased size.

Hey, man! All cubase is difficult to read now)
So I think it would be reasonable to vote for changing design in one topic.

cause it seems everyone not happy with this)