Cubase 13 mediabay always scans presets / bootdrive on startup

So I did notice that many plugins that use the old/original Cubase preset system are very laggy when wanting to list the presets of a plugin. I haven’t experienced this in many years, but Cubase 13 in general has been a difficult “child” to adapt to in many ways.

After experimenting and trying many different things I notice that if I open up Mediabay after I start Cubase 13 and let Mediabay work for a minute or 3 this problem is gone. However, if I load a project and go straight to a plugin (like most from Plugin Alliance) and press to list the presets it will freeze the GUI of Cubase for up to 30 - 40 seconds. This also lines up with problems I had with Media Bay versions in Cubase many moons ago.

So how do I fix it? I suspect that Cubase crashes on exit more often than not - could that be a factor, is there some settings I can delete and start fresh with a new scan? What do you guys think is the best approach?