Cubase 13 MediaBay no longer syncing audio preview to project tempo

Hi this is a very frustrating issue (bug?): the Mediabay preview does not match the tempo of the project when “align to project” is active - it results in some very slow playback preview speed.
This used to work fine in Cubase 12. See screenshot: drum loop at 94bpm in preview, plays OK at its original speed. When setting the preview optio to “align to project tempo” it goes down to maybe 20 bpm, not the 98 bpm actually set in project tempo. I tested in different projects, and with different audio samples, including Steinberg, and also tried changing project sample rates 44.1/48, but nothing solves this. Nightmare to try to find matching loops obviously! To be clear, this is about Mediabay PREVIEW (not setting audio in pool, this is pre-pool). Anyone have same issue?

OK more update - issue also affects AUDIO POOL: see second sceenshot attached. I am adding a sample loop at 72 BPM into the project, it shows up in AUDIO POOL with BPM144 = Double Tempo.

This explains what I am hearing in MediaBay Preview, i.e. the loops when aligned to project play at half speed - que pasa?? Any idea?


Do you still have Cubase 12 (or any older Cubase version) installed? Can you confirm the very same sample was playing differently in the older Cubase version, please?

Hi Martin, yes for me it’s the SAME on Cubase 12. Clean template, tempo set to 77bpm. Samples at 75 bpm play PREVIEW in Mediabay at half speed when previewed. When I drag sample into project and then chrck AudioPool, it shows as “calculated” at 150bpm, meaning DOUBLE speed. Somehow Cubase is halving the tempo it detects / sees in audio samples??

Macbook Pro Ventura 14.1 - this issue has come after install of Cubase 13 as far as I can tell, no change to OS recently.

I’m having the same issue. Loops won’t sync at all in the browser. Align beats to project does nothing. The exact same loops sync up fine in Studio One’s browser. This makes working in Cubase virtually impossible, it’s so annoying!

Another issue I’m having is Cubase keeps forgetting that samples folders have been scanned so I keep having to rescan in Media Bay. Absolute nightmare :disappointed:

Hi, Any solution to this problem anywhere please?

Same problem for me now… Did anyone come with an solution?

Hello Kristian, in my situation it helped taking away all the plugins on the Stereo Out channel. Let us know if this worked for you or you found another solution.

This sample sync to project BPM seems to be outstanding for a few months now. Is it fixed yet pls? It’s kind of fundamental stuff.

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Damn, i thought but the end of the thread the cure would be there but nope…

This remains unresolved. I would say this is a serious bug. Reminder: even with Steinberg own samples (example SD AURORA pack) the LOOPS when played / used via MediaBay play at half of their original speed, or - when aligned to project tempo - at half of the project tempo. Impossible to work out which loop fits into project, and they sound bad obviously. Makes no difference if Project Sample rate is changed say from 44.1 to 48k.

OK I found a fix for this BUG (hello Steinbarg). When selecting the file, CHECK that the TEMPO indicated in Attribute Inspector matches whatever the file author hopefully has indicated in the file name. In my example pack (see screenshots) the filenames include the BPM. And in almost every case, when first selecting the file in MediaBay, Cubase shows the WRONG BPM. In this example, it states 149bpm. That is neither my project tempo nor this audio file tempo.

So: click on the TEMPO field and manually type the correct BPM. I also edit the “follow temp” to YES. Then select a different file, and then select back to that file (it takes that to save and reload correctly. Bingo! Now the audio preview correctly does the “Align to beats”. It remains a real hassle, as you should not have to “fix” audio previews in their dozens or hundreds, but hey at least it’s a work around. Hope it helps others.