Cubase 13 - Mediabay not indexing

Hi guys,

Upgraded to Cubase 13 right away. Love the performance enhancements when start a project and closing Cubase. However, I guess the Cubase 13 installer migrated everything from Cubase Pro 12 but I now have an issue with Mediabay not indexing my folders.
If I click on ‘Rescan Disk’ nothing happens. The search function returns 0 results and I don’t see anything happening when trying to rescan individual folders as well. I tried renaming mediabay3.db and then restart Cubase, but that doesn’t seem to do anything.

Any suggestions?

Never mind guys, I just figured it out.
It turned out there is a little button next to the Favorites that is called ‘Include Folders and Subfolders’ that was not enabled… DOH!

All fixed :slight_smile:

and that highlights the problem I personally have with the new GUI’s, everything is getting smaller and I find it is very hard to see things clearly at a glance.
I really liked SX3, it was perfect for me.
Guess I am really getting old :grin: