Cubase 13 -> Midi channels are not saved

Hello everyone,

Maybe the forum is faster - as I’m awaiting an answer from support:
an external hardware-sequencer triggers various vst-tracks. Every track is assigned another midi channel - as they are being triggered by the sequencer. I save the project , close it - I open the project:
whoops all midi channel settings are set back to “All”.
So eeeeverytime I have set this up again.
Any knowledge on how to save the midi channel setting? Cubase 13 Pro version 13.0.20

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i got the very same problem.
any suggestions appreciated.
thanks and have a nice week everybody.

Cubase pro 13.0.20
MacOs 14.3


This is known and already reported issue. It’s the Input MIDI Port, right?

This is going to be fixed in the next maintenance update.

Whoop, thanks for the info!
Yes the Midi Input channel.

Wuhuuuu the new Cubase Update 13.0.30 solved the problem :handshake: :pray: :rocket:
Thank you veeery much!