Cubase 13 MIDI Remote Issue

The C13 MIDI Remote had been working great since I created some panels just over month ago but then my main one disappeared yesterday. I was able to see the unmapped panel last night, so I re-mapped it, saved the .midiremote and all good. Closed Cubase 13 and open this morning and no panel at all.

I don’t want to have to start all over from scratch. I have some related .globalmapping.json files and a .midiremote file but no panel is showing for the connected controller and if I try to import, I get a message shown in the screenshot “Script archive could not be imported”. This has already cost me hours of time and no idea why this happened.

Any help appreciated.


Maybe you could share the midiremote file so we can have a look?

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Sure, thanks!
Native Instruments_Maschine MK2.midiremote (5.5 KB)

Yes, it doesn’t open here as well, so I have to guess it is corrupted.

@Martin.Jirsak, maybe you could have a look at this resource file? :slight_smile:

Ugh, thanks. Have to start all over again :sob: and no idea why. Now another one isn’t showing up either but not an important one. This Maschine one was my main one. Not like I can’t make another just would rather be doing other things in Cubase. Very frustrating since it had been working find and I have no clue what caused this to happen.

Any idea if I can at least recover the panel, if not the mapping (that was what happened first yesterday, all the mapping disappeared but the panel was there so I re-mapped and ensured to export the MIDI Remote (which I don’t think I had ever done, or knew to do, before) but then fire up today and nothing there.

Just so that I can understand better: After you exported your MIDI remote, the original folder of it disappeared? I mean, if you open your documents folder and then navigate to Steinberg→Cubase→MIDI Remote→Driver Scripts→Local do you see the folder of your script? It should be named as Native Instruments most probably. Do you see there any device?

I can’t clearly say. I wasn’t even aware of the folders until encountering this issue last night. I think it may have at some point but I have been in and out so many times since then hard to say. When I started looking into this all last night it there were no .midiremote files at all on my system other than one I downloaded as part of a tutorial. That’s when I figured I better export them all but if there weren’t any midiremote files how was I using this all this time. Is it related to the .json and/or globalmappings.json files I have now found? Is there any way from those to get back at least my panel? Thanks.

Could you please post these json files?

The midiremote files are just resource files used to recover the folder/files structure of our midi remotes. The files of interest are always of type .json and .js.

Here are 3 for the same device, one from last night, and two from when I first started making the panel back in January. I would be so happy if one of these can get my panel back.


User (6.0 KB)

These are the globalMapping files. Do you see any other json inside the Local folder I earlier wrote about?
Maybe you see a folder like this?

If so, there should be another folder inside it, with the name of your controller most probably. And inside this folder, you should see another json file. This one would hold the info for your setup.

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ok, I was going to see what I could find for an undelete tool to see if I could find it as it was not in the folder you indicated, but then I remembered I do weekly backups so fired that up and restored all three of my controller json files (and saved extra copies) and they now all show up again. Phew.

What is best was to ensure updates etc get saved? I assume the json files in the folder you specified is automatically saved. Should I still export the .midiremote 's too?

Any thoughts how the file got corrupted (since that seems to be a possibility) as it was working fine before I shut everything down last night (and exported the .midiremote.

Thanks so much for your help.

Yes. It is actually the core of the MIDI control surface.

I do use it when I want to make my midi remotes publicly available, while the most frequent use-case is to transfer your script to another computer. But yes, it can be used as a backup tool too, though you can always just zip the folder of your script.

Glad you solved it :slight_smile:


Hi, I am having a very similar problem whereby any controls that I create (json file) in Cubase 13 or try to import (.js file) seem to magically get deleted after a session. Even using the re-upload scripts appears to delete any scripts that I have saved in the Steinberg/cubase/Midi Remote/Driver scripts/local/ file location. They show up in my trash bin, but if I restore them, they go away the minute I start Cubase back up. Can anyone help me with this issue? Very frustrating. I had a very nice midi control to help with unused buttons on my Xtouch but - now they are gone again!. …

Kind of sounds like a cloud glitch. Are you saving to a sync’d cloud storage by chance (not that it should be doing this)?

Once i started using Windows 11, it initiated auto back ups to OneDrive (mirroring my desktop, documents, etc.). As part of the process, One Drive merges the local C-drive documents folder with the OneDrive documents folder… Anyway, I have stopped the backups and re-established the native/ local C-drive documents folder. I checked and Cubase mid remote manager now references the

. Unfortunately, the problem persists.

The same thing happened to me.
I haven’t looked into it yet.