Cubase 13 Mixconsole layout bug, layout control bug


I’ve been a licensed Cubase Pro since version 8. I’ve encountered a showstopping issue upgrading from 12 to 13. I’ve held out a few weeks before posting, watching to see if anyone else has the issue and it seems that no one else has.

The issue is that with every existing project or preset I open, the mixconsole’s now-configurable upper slots (“Set Up Window Layout”) are all off, and I cannot get them to actually turn on. As I move down thru the list checking items, once I get to the third or 4th one (random), it will only turn on for one channel. And then, further, as I move down in the checkbox list to turn on more, for example turning on cue sends, inserts will suddenly disappear in the mixconsole. Then if I click on the insert checkbox again, unchecking it, it will again reappear in the mixconsole… the negative of the checkbox. And none of the checkboxed settings seem to save and the mixconsole is again hosed if I reopen the project. I can never get the mixconsole to display the basic studio console items that one would need to mix something.

This is happening on every existing project I have, making CB13 effectively unusable for me. 12 works fine opening these existing projects, tho. I’ve tried everything I can think of and am completely at wits end.


I think there is a workaround posted on the support pages of the Steinberg site.


The solution is described in this article.

Hello, the solution did not work. Here are the suggested steps:

Here is what I did and the result:

  • I go to Cubase 12 or earlier and open the project. Mixconsole is already open, I go to the tooolbar and open “Setup Window Layout”
  • The channel racks item is already checked
  • As soon as I pull down “File” to save, the “Setup Layout Window” disappears but the mixconsole stays open. This is a template, so I pick “Save as template”
  • Close 12, open 13.
  • Select the template from the “Cubase Pro Hub” at launch
  • Close mixconsole, reopen. No hardware, pre, sends, inserts, etc in mixconsole.
  • Open “Setup Layout Window” and check them one by one… once I get to about the third one (it’s random) checking the next one causes another one to turn off. Everything behaves the same as I described in the OP.
  • I do not have a problem with fader visibility, they show fine.

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Will be fixed in first maintenance release, see C13 Mixer-Issues

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