Cubase 13 modifying files when just opening them

Hi all,

Having an issue where Cubase 13 is altering the time stamps of .CPR files even when no changes have been made.

for example, In November I open a project made in Janurary - I listen to the project & close it without saving - Windows now shows that the file/folder has been modified setting the time stamps to november. I never had this issue with Cubase 12, anyone have any idea what happening? thanks


Are you sure, you didn’t save the project? Some plug-ins do this. If you just open the project and close it, they require to hit Save, because they changed their state. Maybe you just saved the project automatically?

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Def didnt save the projects, I was going through projects and having them open for about 30-seconds before closing them which rules out autosave… Im basically going through some beats and writing down which ones I want to write lyrics to.

I dont have the issue with C12 unless the project is open for a certain amount of time


Are you on Windows or Mac, please?

So you open the project, hit playback to hear, what is in the project, right? Do you change the selected track or Solo/Mute and track?

Then you close it, right?

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I’m on windows 10

Yes, I hit play, listen to the project, make no changes what so ever, for example not selecting tracks, solo/muting or changing any parameters & then just close the project

the actualy .CPR file doesnt show as being modified, but the folder the .cpr file in contained in shows as being modified which is odd

Not sure if this can work, may need a test with Cubase 12 / 11 / 10 project files: make the folder read only.
I am just not certain about these “IMAGE” files which get created by Cubase by time. If they are used for example to store wave form display (cache) it may explain why the main folder attributes got changed, though it doesn’t explain why it just happens with Cubase 13

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the folders were actually already set to read only by default.

its an issue for me because i have TONNE of project folders, and its easier navigating when sorting by “last modified”, so i know where i left off. & I love to keep the modified date accurate for archival purposes. now C13 is jumbling everything up.

Ill use C12 until i find a fix to it


Did you have any Audio Track in the Record Enable state? If yes, the Audio subfolder had been modified, because of the new pre-record file.

Note that when C13 closes a project it deletes ANY empty folders that it finds in the project folder. This includes Audio/ARA folders that may have been created by earlier Cubase versions.

Also note that it deletes ANY empty folders even if YOU created them yourself OUTSIDE of Cubase. This is new and unwelcome behaviour in C13 (amongst many other things!)

I would imagine this changes the modification date of the parent (project) folder.

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Hadn’t noticed it but I’m not sure I like the sound of that folder deleting behaviour either - I’ll check if it also occurs on my Mac OS system.

Reason - As an “aid memoire” for something I often create empty folders in project folders, with the folder name as a brief note to jog my memory for something. This behaviour would wreck that method.

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Here’s a link to the post I’ve made in the other thread…

The projects were MIDI only, so no audio tracks were in record enable state.