Cubase 13 multipart editing question

is there a way to draw in notes (in active part) at where notes of non-active part (ghost notes) already exist without activating editing the non-active part(it auto switches to other part assuming u want to edit, but i just want to draw in notes at where notes are in the non-active part). This wasn’t happening with the draw tool in cubase 12 , but now it does. If not it will be helpful to have a way to do this without auto switching to the non-active part. Possibly the non-active part should just serve as ghost notes until made active.


You can draw in the active part only. Or am I missing something?

If yes, can you describe in the step-by-step manner, what do you do, please?

yes say u have a note c3 in non active part A, if part B is active and u want o draw note on c3 as well (at same location of note), it will auto switch to editing part A. Do u get it?


Thank you for your explanation.

It was working the very same way in Cubase 12.

no it doesn’t, in cubase 12 with the draw tool it doesn’t switch parts in the explained scenario, but with the arrow tool it does switch to the non-active part. which is still annoying but at least cubase 13 should maintain this if not a better way to this.

a better solution to this would be not to allow editing in non-active part regarless of the tool being used (beacuse it interferes with the normal use of these tools, example if i use the arrow tool and hold alt, instead of me having a temporary draw tool, it changes to split note while hovering on a note of a non-active part) until they are made active by clicking in the new panel or the switch part dropdown found in the toolbar of key editor.


I’m sorry, I cannot reproduce it the way you describe in Cubase 12. Neither with the Draw Tool nor with the Obcjet Selection Tool + Alt modifier.

Martin, i think for Cubase 13, with the new multi part editing, once you tick the tracks - all events of the track are shown. But only one track is active for editing, and the others are not. So when you want to edit the active track in the active event that expand to other non-active (but visible) events, it will automatically switch to the non-active event. In Cubase 12 and prior, there is no such thing as multi part editor, and you can’t tick a box at the side to select all events in the track, so you can’t produce this problem. In Cubase 12 and prior, you can select all events, but that make them active.


It was always like this. To make the other MIDI Part active, you have to either click the Event of the other MIDI Part or change the part in the Active Part for Editing drop-down menu. As you can see, the drop-down menu can select only 1 MIDI Part, so only 1 MIDI Part is active for editing in the given time.

Yes, there is. You can select multiple MIDI Parts and open the Key Editor (or any other editor).

okay got it, the behaviour i described was happening because the active part editing only option was not selected. But one more thing could the non active notes be more invisible (contrast) than it is in future updates?


There is no preferences for this in the current Cubase version.

Make a new thread with the request and add the feature-request optional tag, please.