Cubase 13 no longer goes to Name for mix down

I would like to have multiple markers on the time line ie.
makers for each verse, each chorus, bridge
and the ability to jump to any of these at any time during the song. I play the song as it is until the bridge but I want to repeat the bridge so I have the ability to do that, or cut the bridge.
I can do this in Ableton and playback from multitracks
I’d also like to have this for each song in the project.

My need is to use VST Live:

some songs will play all multitrack audio files, some songs will play all midi files to external instruments, some songs will play combination of audio files, external midi instruments, VST instruments, send midi control to external FX, lights, patch changes on Helix and keyboards, digital mixer control, lyrics and chords for the band, screen show.
and have about 20 songs in the same project ready to play one after.
From the demo I downloaded it seems this is possible, but it’s been a little cumbersome to se this up so far.
At Christmas I created a project to use for the sound at a play. I had 18 cues, all audio files, and used a Line 6 FBV Express MkII 4-button Foot Controller to start, stop, and jump to marker and volume. It worked great BTW!

This is very good program, this requested additions would make it even better.

I use for each verse, chorus, bridge, etc. seperate parts. So you can easily jump from one to the next with MIDI commands.

Working on it :slight_smile: