Cubase 13 no longer sees MOTU M4 (mac)

I have a new MOTU M4 that I was using with Cubase 13.0.30 on a Macbook Pro M2, and it was working fine. I’m using it with the MOTU driver.

Suddenly today Cubase does not see it. I get the Missing Ports splash and when I look at the Audio Connections in Cubase the MOTU M4 is no longer there.

I see the MOTU in the MacBook system settings and I’m able to listen to audio through the MOTU with quicktime and browsers. But not Cubase.

Rebooted everything.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Mac OS 13.4


I had to go into Studio Setup, click on Audio System, Then click on ASIO driver where I was able to select the MOTU.
THEN the “Audio Connections” listed the MOTU.

I have no idea why the ASIO assignment was lost. Nor do I recall having to go into Studio Setup when I first got the MOTU. But that may just be absent mindedness on my part.

Anyway. I hope this thread helps some other Cubase user in the future.