Cubase 13 : no sound on the master when opening old projects (Cubase 12)

Hello, I struggled for an hour trying to re do my audio connections and control room routing, but nothing seems to bring back the sound on my master.
I can see the sound the group tracks, but the master shows no signal
Is this a known bug ?


No, it’s not.

any idea what might be the issue ?
I also get a pop up when opening a project created on C12, asking me to set a folder for the project even tho there is already one, I don’t know if it’s linked somehow

Since they are old projects, have you checked there are no plugins waiting to be authorized in your 2BUS? Sometimes unauthorized plugins pass no audio.

you just solved hours of wasted time aha thanks
I thought that deactivating all the insert chain would do, but I had to manually unload the plugins


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haha glad to help! I’ve been through this many times!

But I believe if you turn off the plugin (alt+click), it works. If I’m not mistaken, in the chain you can only bypass, not turn off, so that’s why you have to go plugin by plugin turning them off. So if you want to keep them there for future use it’s possible, no need to remove them completely.