Cubase 13 not production ready (multiple regressions)

cubase 13 is not production ready; cubase 12 is doing several important things much better.

  • the recording of wav is not good, I had dropouts while I never had that with cubase 12 (hundreds of hour of recording);
  • at the end of a recording cubase freezes for 10-30+ seconds; when I save the session it also takes why too much time
  • supervision is flickering during recording
  • supervision is much less responsive with cubase 13 (from 60 images per seconds to about 1 image per second in live !)

I add that c13 freezedumps indeed every time; the last c13 function to be called was:


With a call stack:


I wonder if I should ask for payback and wait for a new release or skip version 13 altogether. Anyway version 13 is not ready for production, this should be a preview / alpha.

I am not happy with what I bought.

I would check the computer for possible installation glitches or driver issues, thousands including myself have no issues and when I had it turned out to be PC problems either updates or drivers, full reinstall fixed everything.

I run both c12 and c13, and the problems are only reproduced with c13. Therefore, it’s not a driver or Windows problem.

It would probably be a good idea to temporarily remove the user preferences for both Cubase 12 and 13 from the folder and see if that fixes anything. Also, in case you haven’t done it in a long time, restart the computer.

Do you know where to find the user preferences?

Thanks for the suggestion, but you do not explain why this could help: so why or how ?

I understand that the path is (Windows 10)

C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 13_64\UserPreferences.xml

With this path:
please move both folders Cubase 12_64 and Cubase 13_64 to your desktop. Cubase must be closed before you move them.

Then, when you start Cubase, it will rebuild the Cubase 13_64 folder with the factory settings…

This way we can see if the root for the issues has anything to do with those user preferences. Sometimes one of the files is a troublemaker.

If this step does not change anything at all, you can close Cubase, delete the newly created Cubase 13_64 folder and afterwards move the two old folders back.

It’s a standard trouble shooting procedure.


Can you upload those dumps here, please?

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The update may not have preserved your audio interface buffer settings, so you should check if this is the case.

the dumps: onedrive folder with dumps

I use a Yamaha Steinberg ASIO driver for audio input, so it’s tuned outside of the cubase instances, and therefore the buffers are the same for c12 and c13.

just making sure…

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Indeed, I have the same, I have 512 samples and 21.4ms (in) and 26.4ms (out). I never changed the number of samples.

Supervision flickering is a known issue. It’s not only when recording it can happen at any time. However, in the meantime there’s a solution / workaround to the flickering here: Graphic Glitches - #101 by manassas77

As suggested by Johnny above, I’d suggest deleting [temporarily moving] your preferences and starting afresh with factory settings. This can solve a lot of strange issues.

Not deleting, please. I emphasize to temporarily move the user preferences. If it turns out that the settings were not to be blamed they can be restored easily.

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@Johnny_Moneto yes absolutely. ‘Temporarily move’ is best.