Cubase 13 not reading projects

Could someone using OSX advise please.

Have an odd issue after having upgraded to CB13 on Monterey. When I open CB 13 and attempt to load a project from the recent list im informed it no longer exists. But if I open from the .CPR file it loads { although i have to use the “find missing files}Also under CB13 some plugins load but the patchs are not read or loaded. Im assumimg its " permissions” setting?

Ive uninstalled a reinstalled but same issue. I do recall when I first upgraded to CB13 I had to tick the check box under “allow cubase to access mic”


Please, double-check, the path in the Recent Files points to the correct folder. You can see it in the Steinberg Hub.

Will do. Many thanks. Hopefully the non reading of plugin presets is as simple