Cubase 13 on Macstudio M2 **NO AUDIO**

The simplest test program I came up with is just a Kontakt Piano as a Rack Instrument. Hadve a MOTU M2 audio interface. “Audio only” projects play just fine, but not any MIDI. The same project plays just fine on an Intel laptop. All I see is Kontakt 01 Output moving when I play on the keyboard. Of course I’ve looked at the Studio Audio Connections & Studio Setup and both are using the ASIO driver for the MOTU M2 as they must be else audio-only projects wouldn’t sound. Somewhere the audio is getting lost and I wish I could find it. Any help would be appreciated.

is the orange mic icon on macOS menu bar there?

No orange bar. In fact I’ve never had a mic attached to any of my Mac’s and even have Siri disabled. So have never seen the orange bar. This image shows the relevant parts of my test setup.

As a sanity check, I installed Cubase 12 and it behaves identically to Cubase 13. (no sound). On my Intel Mac, I can play on the keyboard and hear output when calling up the VST within Cubase (which is Alicia’s Piano), but no sound from the MacStudio. In the mixer I only seenactivity when playing on the Kontakt 01 fader. Unless I missed something, it’s looking like Cubase doesn’t like the Apple Silicon in my MacStudio.

Its on the MacOs menu bar (at the top)
got to system settings/Privacy & Security/Microphone and allow Cubase

If that is enabled, you can try and go to Cubase Studio Setup and uncheck Direct Monitoring

OK I enabled the orange microphone icon on MacOS menu bar for Cubase but still no joy, The Direct Monitoring was greyed out and unchecked.

I created another little project with 3 instruments in one Kontakt instance on Intel laptop and all three instruments sound as they should. But when this same project is runi MacStudio…you guessed it! No sound.

Unless there is some setting in Cubase that I haven’t found yet I have to conclude that Cubase does NOT work on my particular MacStudio M2… Undoubtedly it works on everyone else’s M2, just not mine.

The lack of replies here was useful. It told me I had an uncommon problem. Something that other people were NOT having. Unique to me.

I now have sound from all my MacStudio VST’s locally and via VEPRO on the traskcan. Earlier I had tried just re-installing all the relevant apps but this didn’t help. The solution that worked was to completely wipe out the SSD data on the MacStudio and re-install everything and with many Timemachine backups along the way.