Cubase 13 open project menu wrong behaviour

I noticed that when I chose open project (cpr) it allways resets to any type of files and not holds on cpr type of file. Anybody has same problem? This was the same problem already few years ago and was repaired with update I remember.


Are you on Windows or Mac, please? Which version?



Do you have All Types selected, or Any Type? If Any Type is selected, you can really see any file type. If you select All Types, you can see all project types, Cubase can open. So you can see even NPR (Nuendo project); Nuendo Live, etc.

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Its like that: when I press ctrl O from C13 to open another project it shows All types in the right side down.
Normally when your cubase user you open .cpr type not to have bak files on the screen. In C 12 it remembers last type selection, C13 forgets it and resets it to all types.
That the unpleasent difference. I hope you understand me and you can try it too to see whats wrong. Thank you for replays!


Then you can change the settings from the All Types to Cubase Projects files.

Yes I did it, but problem is that you have to change from all to cpr everytime again. It doesn’t holds your last selection which is the case in previous Cubase versions.

Hi Martin,

did you maybe check open menu behaviour of C13 ?
I think it is broken cause it holds by default *all file types compared to C12 which holds *cpr type files by default which is right I think…
When we open something in Cubase it is normal that cpr
has priority and should be offered by default, or I am wrong?
Please notice it to be repaired for next update if possible.

Thank you!


I can confirm the behavior. Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

Thanks Martin, I work with hub, but still it is basic function that must work as expected👍🏻

Hi Martin,
Can you please report one more time to Steinberg, this bug with open
menu file types behavior, was not corrected in .20 version.


It doesn’t make sense to report it again. It’s in the system already. Once the Product Owner decides, a developer will fix it.