Cubase 13 performance issues

I have a i9 9900k-64g ram-z390 designare - NVME+SSD, Ssl12-Studiologic Sledge on Cubase 13 and lots of soft synths
Next week, the rig will be 4 years old.
I built it with the intention to make a workhorse DAW dream machine.
Brainworx Knifonium and Brainworx Oberhausen are pretty cpu heavy softsynths
Some patches with 32 voices, are almost unplayable, this on 48 kHz, 512 buffer setting.
So I always set the voices to 16 or less.
I thought that this was normal, until today.
I installed Presonus Studio One demo version.
Played the same patch on BX Oberhausen.
32 voices, no problem whatsoever Cpu goes to 45%
And now it comes :
For first time in almost 4 years, I set buffer at 16, 48 kHz, same patch at 32 voices.
Cpu hits 80%, but playable, no latency, no crackling.
I’m not promoting Studio One at all, just making a point.(long time Cubase user)
There something wrong under the hood.
Steinberg has some homework to do.
But I’m happy, I know now that there is nothing wrong with my computers performance nor Windows 11.
Happy Holidays…

That is very interesting. As there wasn’t that much difference in performance between both DAWs when I tried them the last time (it was Studio one 5.5 compared to Cubase 11 IIRC) . In fact, Cubase handled more tracks better GUI wise, the performance was slightly better there too, but negligible I’d say.

In the net you find some mixed comments about that, so my guess would be, that it must have to do with the plugins themselves, which seem to kind of prefer one DAW over the other.

Out of curiosity: did you try using other plugins (preferrably not from BX) to see if it is the same?

I can personally speak for the PA synths but cheers for the heads up . I run an i9 9900k with great results since the last Cubase 13.0.20 update BUT yes if i use the Arturia Cs80v can really peak out the ASIO meter to 50 % with nothing else loaded on 512

Omnisphere for example.
Try the first preset. "Phoenix Rising ". Set your buffer to 16 and @48kHz. I can’t play ! My performance meter goes to max.
In studio One I get 25% cpu.
I know that a buffer size of 16 isn’t necessary or realistic, but it was only for testing purposes.
But it did, and I couldn’t in C13!
When I go as low as 128 in C13, I’m starting to hit the fan.
Diva is also cpu heavy (some presets)

I would wait with your final conclusions until you tested heavy projects thoroughly with a sane buffer. While some DAW’s will work great with a few synths and low latency, they will fall apart with a complete project with lots of VI’s, FX busses, auxes etc. Don’t know if this is the case here. I have the Brainworks synths, they are heavy on the CPU but some versions worked much better than others, and then they fixed it and broke it again. This is on Mac, btw.