Cubase 13: Phasing issue when importing WAV file


I’m encountering a peculiar issue that I can’t seem to figure out. I have a Wav file that sounds excellent when played independently. I’m attempting to import it into Cubase for mix mastering, ensuring that the project sample rates match precisely.

However, upon importing, Cubase alters the playback, introducing a strange room-looping audio effect. This occurs even during playback and not just when I export the file.

I’ve confirmed that the sample and bit rates are consistent with the project settings (24-bit, 48kHz). Can someone please assist me in resolving this issue?

Here you can download both before and after files:

Thank you in advance


I don’t hear any distortion. But I can hear some phasing issues. Isn’t there any plug-in involved?

Hi Martin,

Exactly! ‘Phasing’ is the correct term. No, there are no plugins involved. What might be the problem?

Could there be any ASIO-related issues with the Focusrite?

Sorry for my late reply btw, I’m not very active on this forum.

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Are you playing audio out of both control room monitor and the master output at the same time by mistake by any chance? I’ve heard of this same/a similar issue before and that was the cause then.

There’s an option in the studio connection screen where you can disable or enable something like “allow control room output to be duplicated” or something similar. Basically it stops you from setting master out 1 AND control room from both having your main monitor outs set at the same time. duplicating the output, but with a slight delay (as control room adds a few ms of delay usually. I’d strongly recommend checking your output routing and your control room output routing in Cubase to make sure it’s not this and that you don’t have them both set as the same output.


Is there any audio loopback involved by any chance?