Cubase 13, Please optimize midi device assignment workflow


1, When clicking on “All MIDI Inputs” from the left side panel, the focus should automatically switch to the search input so users can start typing, just like how the plugin menu behaves, instead of now, having to click again at the search input box.

2, After typing in the device name or a (usually most unique) part of it, users should be able to hit enter and it connects the best-matched device or the only matched device if you choose the part wisely, again, just like how the plugin window behaves, instead of now, having to look and click on that device name.

Cubase 12 did exactly like what I described above, allowing me to make a MIDI device switch with 1 click and the rest all keyboard, without even having to look at anything.

But now in 13, I have to do two extra “look and click”. it’s a big disruption of workflow.

Please change it back to how Cubase 12 behaves, and more unified with plugin choosing.

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Why are you Selecting “All MIDI Inputs” in the first place if your intention is to then preform a Search. Just go directly to the Search Box. The reason for selecting “All MIDI Inputs” would be to use all the MIDI Inputs which are aggregated together under that name - it’s not some kind of search filter.

Of course, I have my reasons.

For example, I usually use “All MIDI Inputs” at first, on all instrument tracks. That’s how my template was set up.

And then, once in a while, on some tracks, I need to switch to a specific controller so I can perform on multiple tracks at the same time, with different controllers on different tracks, i.e. piano on keyboard 1 and clarinet on keyboard 2.

When I’m done performing, I need to switch back to “All MIDI Inputs” on all tracks, so I can edit whatever tracks with all my devices.

So you see, the problem is not when I create the track, it’s when I switch controllers on existing tracks, which is needed constantly.

I used to be able to switch pretty quickly on Cubase 12. Now it’s a big drag.


The latest (13.0.30) update didn’t fix this problem.

Please fix this~ After months of using still can’t get used to it.

The way it was in Cubase 12 was great! Please simply change it back.