CUBASE 13 preset names on the track?

Please someone tell me is it possible in cubase 13 to automatically show the preset names from the vst synths like logic pro?im new to cubase and I cant find that option…??is it possible? regards

I only have Cubase 12 but it ought to be similiar.

In Cubase you can define which elements should be displayed on a track in the track list. The preset name for Instrument tracks is one of the items that can be selected.

You can bring up the editor for this by clicking a small cog-wheel on the very bottom of the track list area.

First select to modifiy either Instrument or MIDI track’s appearances.
Then make sure that the items “Programs” is in the “visible” side. You can then change the order to make it appear higher. In my example it is placed at the bottom and as you can see in the preview I need to make the track three rows high at least in order for this item to be displayed.

Does that help?

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