Cubase 13 Pro 13.0.40 | Quick Link (Pre - Gain) not working

Unable to quickly gainstage all tracks in Mix Console since release of and migrating to Cubase 13 Pro.

In Cubase 12 Pro i was able to change the gain on all selected (q-linked) channels

CTRL + Scroll
Or do this on a Single channel by Pre > Gain: Click + Scroll

As thought by Dom Sigalas on YouTube “The No.1 trick for LOUD mixes - Gain-Stage like a PRO in Cubase”, time mark 08:43.

In Cubase 13 Pro the scrolling moves the channelstrip up and down the screen now.

None of the above is working, what would be the ‘new’ way gainstaging multiple channels quickly at the same time?
Can i change this setting, to work a it was in CB12?