Cubase 13 Pro: Acoustic feedback does not work in MIDI Tracks

Hi - I’m just getting back into Cubase so be easy on me while I re-learn it.

Key Editor acoustic feedback works if it is an Instrument Track (e.g. Groove Agent), but does not work if it is a MIDI Track connected via MIDI Sends to two Instrument Tracks (e.g. 2 x Retrologue).

Is this how it is designed to be or is it a bug?


Do you use Control Room?

Do you really mean the Acoustic Feedback?

Hi. I’m not using Control Room. Acoustic feedback is an on/off option in the Key Editor. When turned on it sounds a note when it is moved between keys. It does not work for me, when I use MIDI Tracks connected to Instrument Tracks.

Key Editor - Acoustic feedback on:

MIDI Track directed to synth 1 and synth 2:


The Acoustic Feedback is not routed over the Sends. Only to the Output.

Ok, thanks. That explains it.

It doesn’t trigger from the MIDI keyboard either.
But if I click on the virtual keyboard in the editor it does .
So it’s a tad inconsistent in its implementation, from a users’ perspective.

Actually it should work if Audition through MIDI Inserts/Sends is checked in the Preferences

Screenshot 2024-04-06 at 22.46.38


Yes that worked. Thank you so much. :grinning: