Cubase 13 Pro Comping tool-Does not work for me at all

Hi everyone, I’ve read and watched everything I can find on how to use to the comping tool. It will not work for me. The only thing it manages to do is move tracks around. I am recording multiple takes just find but when it comes time to comp them, it is completely useless. I cannot highlight anything. The curser literally just moves the track around. I can also only hear the last take and cannot get any other take to play. I have searched the program for this box that is supposedly in the program somewhere to no avail. Please help, I am losing my mind with. I apologize if this is an easy fix, but if it is I am not finding it, Thank you!

Could you please post some before & after screenshots so we can see what you’re talking about. Also, just to be sure - you are referring to the hand shaped tool?

I apologize for being confusing. It is the hand shaped tool. I will post pictures very soon.