Cubase 13 pro crashing again

Hey guys!

Sorry to be that guy that constantly has to post problems but here iam again.
Looks like my cubase 13 pro is back to stalling and crashing again…as well as the graphics glitching.
If i didnt drop so much money already on this DAW i would have gave up LONG ago and went somewhere else but here iam…again.
ALL vst’s are legit owned and are up to date.
NONE of my software is pirated.
Ive just uninstalled and reinstalled the latest NVIDIA graphics driver.
im running low on options here.

Cubase 13.0.20 64bit 2024.1.6 (1.7 MB)

I just want to create and record and have fun but its getting desperate now.

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Could you provide some more details, when did the freeze happened, please?

Hi Martin.
I was recording guitar tracks everything was running fine.I left my desk to go make a coffee i came back to a frozen screen. I had to “End Task” to shut Cubase down.
The date and time are documented in the Dump file.


This crash is in:


Please, make sure, you have the latest update of Kontakt 7 installed. If this is the case, get in contact with the Kontakt support, please.

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I liked that :smiley:

What kind of coffee were you drinking? I heard that there may be some incompatibility issues with Nescafe.

I’m kidding of course. Yesterday I had an unexpected crash in Pro 13 just from going into the browsers to look for a preset. I restarted and it didn’t happen again. I was not drinking Nescafe, so I have no idea what caused it. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Martin.
Yeah Kontakt 7 up to date. I will contact Kontakt lol. :crazy_face:


Im starting to think i just need to upgrade my PC. Ive been putting it off for too long. Im sure everything will run beautifully once i do this…hopefully :wink:

The specs do say that there’s no guarantee CB 13 will work on a DOS based system.

[ :smiley: There you go. The final word. ]


When I leave either Cubase or Nuendo alone for a few hours, I have to have the “release audio driver” option checked otherwise what you describe will happen, Bad crash that I have to force quit to get out of. I’ve also suspected some issues with Kontakt 7 (latest update) and Cubase/Nuendo 13. I’m not even running Rosetta 2 anymore, all Native M1 Silicon. But when I went to play around in Kontakt 7 Nuendo 13 crashed immediately. I went back to Cubase and so far it hasn’t happened. One of the crashes listed Kontakt as the culprit but I’m not 100% sure. NI always seems to be a bit behind re: Mac M1 computers. They still have the disclaimer at their NI app saying that they are not 100% compatible with M1 Silicon based systems.

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Yeah ive just recently updated Kontakt 7. Im gonna have a snoop around on NI’s forum to see if any other users are having a similar issue and if there is some kind of resolve. Failing that i will contact them directly although ive heard a response from NI can be a rather lengthy wait.
Kontakt seems to be popping up alot whenever i submit a dmp file.
Strange :thinking:

Although steinberg worked on the cubase code for the Cubase13 version. I have a lot more problems with 13 than with 12. Even in spectralayer 10 there are bugs that weren’t there in cubase 12.0.70.