Cubase 13 Pro crashing on Win10

Hi guys!
So I’ve started to encounter problems with Cubase Pro 12 stability early March 2024. I had random crashes during simple midi editing or audio stretching. I have to mention that by this time i make electronic music and do not have huge projects with orchestra or cinematic editing etc.
I indeed installed a bunch of software (legit) and was trying to understand what was the cause. Weird thing that crash dumps pointed to various reasons both plugin related and system related. A few days ago I went ahead and updated to 13 Pro hoping it would fix the issues but it didn’t. Vice versa, I got a new problem. While I was able to start a new project (from template, with some plugins inserted) but when i was trying to reopen one of the projects it failed and was shutting down abruptly right after loading the project. Crash dumps varied from Realphones 2.0 to Kernelbase.dll to ntdll.dll to Synsopos.exe… to VerbSessions.dll (Flux Audio verb plugin). And this was the only common plugin that i used in ALL of the projects. I checked if i had the latest update and indeed i have it, but the last update was in 2020! So I guess something changed in Cubase or Windows updates that prevented Cubase to work properly.
Weird thing is that VerbSession plugin is a part of Flux Audio Studio Session bundle with 7 or 8 plugins and others {like PureLimiter or Spectrum Analyzer} work just fine and never appeared in crash dumps. I use them since I bought the license in 2015 and these were one of the most stable plugins out there.

So I removed the VerbSessions from the projects (not from the system yet) and they opened fine. I was working for about a day until I got a new crash - again random.

My guess is that I have had 2 problems. One of them is related to VerbSessions and one is yet to investigate.

Additionally, Cubase weirdly creates crash dumps. I have 4 files in “C:\Users\Temp\Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps”, 3 of which are 0 bytes. However I found one more folder “C:\Users\Temp\AppData\Local\CrashDumps” where I got 10 files created durin last 24 hours and most of them are like 200+mb each.

What I did:

  • sfc check, looks good.
  • DISM both check and restore, looks good.
  • Driver updates.
  • Windows updates.
  • Virus scan, all clean.
  • Cubase 13 reinstall.
  • Cubase 12 uninstall.
  • uninstall Macdrive software (i thought it might be messing with ntdll somehow but it doesnt seem to change anything).
  • checked versions of 3rd party plugins, looks good.
  • run maintenance on eLicenser.

I use Lenovo T540 i7 laptop. 16 RAM. Windows 10.

I uploaded 4 recent Dumps to my Dropbox, here is the link:

I am going to continue investigation.
Have a good day everybody.

Two of the crashes happened in VerbSessionV3_StudioSession. If you already have the latest version installed, I would contact the manufacturer.
One of the crashes, the synsopos one, relates to the eLicenser.
The remaining 2 I’m not so sure about.

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yes that’s right. investigating further

ok so Ive been using C13Pro more and now encountering hang after project close. I used Procdump while Cubase was hanging and it points to a problem with DirectX.

SYMBOL_NAME:  d3d10warp!ThreadPool::WaitWhileBusy+e4


IMAGE_NAME:  D3D10Warp.dll

FAILURE_BUCKET_ID:  BREAKPOINT_80000003_D3D10Warp.dll!ThreadPool::WaitWhileBusy

Full Dump here:

Gonna look into DirectX thing now. I remember it from 2000s…