Cubase 13 Pro fails to create video

When I execute File → Export → Video the process starts but stops halfway. No video file is created. Can something tell me the exact steps needed to make this work? Do I have to 1st create the audio file in a specific folder, then select that folder to create the video?

I found a workaround. The entire is 00:10:04:03 long (timecode)

I sliced the project up into three smaller pieces. Performed File → Export → Video
on each piece.

Then merge the smaller pieces into a single file.

Maybe Steinberg has a way where I can process the entire file in a single pass.

I found the solution. With large projects you must uncheck Real Time Export.

I imagine this is because when Real Time Export is checked Cubase will execute several processes simultaneously. Which is great for small projects.

But with large projects having several processes running at the same time only eats up your resources and eventually causes the computer to stop certain processes.