Cubase 13 Pro Halion 7 No License found

I have Cubase Pro 13 and have downloaded Halion 7 along with other recommended bits.

I am unable to see it in the Steinberg Activation Manager

and I end up with this

Can anyone help me with this?
I have re-installed from the Steinberg Download Assistant and am very stuck!
Thank you in advance
PS I don’t know if the images can be seen (png). If they fail, I will try to repost below in a different format

Problem is you don’t own Halion 7. The Cubase license covers the programs in the Cubase Pro 13 tab only.

Thank you Steve. I presume recommended on the Cubase Pro 13 tab are options to buy then?
Silly me! Halion 7 is different to Halion Sonic
Thank you again

No. That’s what is included with the Cubase Pro 13 license.

Thank you and apologies for my incompetence.

No apology needed! Common questions actually,