Cubase 13 pro Halion 7 problem

This happens every time when I use Cubase.
DMP to Steinberg. No other plugins. Reinstalled Halion 7.
Any ideas?
Cubase 13.0.21 64bit2024.2.8 (1.4 MB)


The crash is in HALion. Reported to Stienberg. Thank you.

Martin thanks!

Hi Glenn,
Would be good to get a reply from Steinberg.

Hi Martin,
Any news about this error. It is still happening.


Do you use any custom Default Program by any chance (stored in: C:\Users\user\Documents\Steinberg\HALion 7\Sub Presets\startup)? The dump suggests that there is a large deeply nested program being loaded in HALion, could this be your default Program?

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Hi Martin,
My computer has only Windows 11 pro with the latest updates and Steinberg software with the latest updates.

Hi Martin,
I solved the problem. It was in the hardware.
The mainboard I have is a Gigabyte Aero Z790 rev 1.0 and it supports memory up to 7600Mhz. The processor I use is an Intel Core I9-13900K, it supports memory up to 5600Mts. Memory is TeamGroup T-Force Delta DDR5 7600Mhz 4x24GB.

In the bios I can choose 3 settings for the memory, 4533Mhz, 6000Mhz or 7600Mhz. Windows 11 pro and other applications run fine on the 7600Mhz setting. Reason could be that not much memory is used.
Running Steinberg software is giving problems, downloading big files in the Download Assistant or using lot of sound banks in Cubase 13pro. They are using lots of memory.
So changing the bios memory setting to 4533Mhz is solving all the problems I have. Steinberg software is running without any errors.