Cubase 13 pro issue with multiple screens

I’m using 3 screens, 3840x2160.
In cubase 12 left screen for project, middle and right screen for mixconsole.

Everytime I open a project in cubase 13 the mixconsole is half on screen 1 , on screen 2 and half on screen 3. When I correct this, save the project, open it again I still have this issue. Any advise?

Have you adjust your graphics at all ? You could set the project up with the screens as you want and save as ‘Workspace’ default and it should open as you wish every time


Are you on Mac or Windows.

If you are on Windows, the windows size might be different a bit, because of the new menu bar.

Hi Highly-Controversial and Martin,

Thanks for your reply.
I’m on windows 11.
Highly, saving the workspave does not work, still the same problem.
Martin, this is annoying. Cubase 12 pro never had this issue.
Everytime I open a project I need to adjust the mixconsole!

Sorry to ask such a basic question, but you never really know…

Arrange page-left display
Mix Console 1-middle display
Mix Console 2-right display

Are all 3 displays Windows maximized?

If all 3 displays are Windows maximized, then is Windows 11 display settings the same as Windows 10? This is where you have options to move the displays around as well as other options.

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Hi Greg,
Arrange page - monitor 1
Mix console - stretched over monitor 2 and 3

Windows 10 pro and cubase 12 pro never had a problem.
Windows 11 pro nd cubase 12 pro never had a problem.
Problem occurs with cubase 13 pro and the wierd thing is that the setting is not saved with the project or workspace settings.

There are a lot of mix console changes under the hood other than GUI that everyone seems to comment on immediately. This may be why it works in C12 but not C13.

I never spread a mix console over 2 displays. When you do that can you even Windows Maximize it? Is there any change if you link Mix Console 2 to Mix Console 3?

Hopefully some smart guys will chime in here.