Cubase 13 Pro - Issues with Plugins & Trackball?

Hey everyone,

So, in Cubase 13 Pro… have their been any reports of within plugins the controls not working at all using trackballs? It seems to be in all plugin windows of 3rd party plugins - for instance Waves. I will check Steinberg’s tomorrow etc. Or maybe I just needed to reboot the application…

In most cases right clicking could bring up the Learn and when clicking normally on a control or fader it would highlight yellow, but otherwise not operational. Seems stuck in a mode maybe and I am just too tired to see what it is, but wanted to ask… also, where are bugs logged so I could look it up myself if anything has been reported?



I haven’t experienced any issues myself but there is a new preference for disabling some mouse wheel elements as people found them quite annoying , maybe check the preference ?

You don’t mention your OS