Cubase 13 pro. make things big

I’m trying to make a dry drum instrument sound a bit bigger to sound OK in the mix.
Is there a Cubase plug in that can do this ?

“Bigger” is a broad term. You can:

  • increase volume
  • saturate (e.g., using Quadrafuzz)
  • increase width (using stereo width plugin or similar)
  • add reverb
  • layer with other drum samples

as a few examples

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Also i might add , try using the Envelop shaper in the channel strip to individual tracks on the kick and snare for the transients shaping , you’ll be surprised what you can achieve

Also using the Maximiser before a clipper can give you great results

as @mk1x86 says, bigger indeed can mean several things.
However I can add hard parallel compression. Im not aware of the new compressors in Cubase 13, however I think you could get a good result using the Vintage Compressor

You can experiment with placing it directly on the drum bus. Compress the signal hard, and then blend the signal with the mix knob.

You could also create the Vintage Compressor as a send effect, and then send different levels from different drum channels.

Main part of this is concept is to blend in an “extreme” with your “normal” sound.

Try Squasher, the results may be surprising.

However, above all, adequate equalization in the context of the whole normally helps to avoid any masking effect preventing the instrument from coming out correctly.

Many Thanks, I’ll try the stuff you’ve mentioned.

I’ve tried using squasher and it’s put reverb on ?
What’s that all about ?