Cubase 13 Pro & MCU Pro - 'Add Marker' button not working

I just upgraded to Cubase 13 Pro from 12Pro.
I use a Windows 10 workstation and a Mackie MCU Pro. The MCU Pro has worked perfectly with Cubase 12 Pro and prior Cubase versions.

With Cubase 13 the ‘Add Marker’ button on the MCU Pro does not add a marker to the marker track. This issue is present with both a new Cubase 13 project and all older Cubase projects.
The other features of the MCU Pro that I have tested in Cubase 13 do seem to work (R\W fader automation, transport controls, record…)

Even after saving a project in Cubase 13 I can reopen the project in Cubase 12 and the MCU Pro ‘Add marker’ button correctly adds a markewr tot he marker track.

This looks like a bug in Cubase 13.
Any known solutions?

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Hi and welcome to the forum,

This is a known and already reported issue, thank you.

This is going to be fixed in the 1st maintenance update.



Same issue here - in fact most of the functionality in MCU Pro is not working after upgrading to C13


Do yo uhave the latest Cubase 13.0.40 update installed?

The issue metioned above was linked to the “Add Marker” only. What exactly doesn’t work for you, please?


I sent a ticket.

To be honest. Transport works. But tracks visable in the mix console do not appear on the mcu Pro. One of my old C12 projects is OK. But only one. None of the others show any tracks on mcu. Before I updates to C13 two days ago, they appeared in Mcu Pro automatically as soon as a track was added.

Hope that makes sense?



Sorry yes, I’m on 13.0.40


So is it about the tracks visibility?

What kind of tracs are you talking about? Which MixConsole do you compare to?