Cubase 13 Pro - minimise Key Editor hangs system

Having major issues here with minimising windows within Cubase 13 Pro. For instance, if I accidentally click minimise rather than close on the Key Editor window, my computer becomes unusable without a restart.

If I attempt to bring Cubase back into focus, Cubase appears but with the resolution a lot smaller and zoomed in, and the image/interface is essentially frozen. Even taskbar doesn’t work as it can’t come into focus, Windows 11 essentially becomes paralysed by the frozen Cubase interface.

This is still happening in 13.0.30. Am running the latest Nvidia drivers for my GPU, and latest Windows updates.

Funnily enough I only had it begin happening once I installed the previous 13.0.21 update which was intended to ‘fix’ graphics issues in Windows 11.

Really frustrating as it cost me five computer restarts yesterday when working with a client.

Here is a link to a video of the issue.

Dropbox - 20240322_091707.mp4 - Simplify your life