Cubase 13 pro, Pitch in vocal chain plugin dont follow chord track scales or chords

I tried the pitch of the vocal chain, I made a chords track with the scale G minor Harmonic, a midi track with “chords pad” IN, and singer VocalChain OUT.
The singer sings “Eb D C” on a Cm7, I put the voicing at -3, but the pitch plays me “C B natural A”, it’s really wrong! logically I should have had B flat.

It applies the minor third without taking the parameter “scale source” on “chord track - chords”, yet I specified it, I also tried by setting the scale source on the “chord track scale” it’s change anything, I tried with the corrector 100% and the corrector 0%, it does also not change anything.

I also try to put Scale source on “internal” and choose the G minor, i keep the same problem

I have same problem with the pitch correct plugin

is that a bug or the pitch function in this plugin are only made to correct and cannot produce vocal harmonie like an harmonizer pedal plugged with a guitare ?