Cubase 13 Pro, Proximity Assistant, Chord Pads

The chord pads pane/frame/controls/tools have been reworked recently. Apparently, that was released prematurely. The Manual does not properly address this :thinking:.
And the proximity assistant has been removed from Cubase 13 Pro. :face_with_head_bandage:
Or it’s a bug. It’s not showing up, Not even in Dom’s latest video on the reworked chord pads.

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If I understand what you mean, I believe it’s been moved to the lower zone under chord track. Here is one of Dom’s videos.

Hope this helps.

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Thx, but this is not my point. Meanwhile, I’ve found a solution. The Proximity Assistant is hidden behind a tiny little tool icon in the chord pads lower zone. Unfortunately, the icon is not visible by default, it needs to be activated in the tools setting menu.

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Great, you found the solution…and thanks for the warning about the tiny icon tool; I’ll recall that when needed.

Do you remember where that is? I downloaded the trial version and haven’t been able to find it.

I looked at the documentation but I don’t see those tabs.

I didn’t see a setting here either, but I might not be in the right place:

Hi. Sorry for the delay. I had to switch my cubase from german to english for this reply:

I was struggling with the same, but i found it by accident: Right-click next to the tools in the top row in the chord pads pane to see the Set up Toolbar menu.

There you activate the chord assistant window tool. With the tool
Bildschirmfoto 2024-07-13 um 06.42.15
you can activate the proximity assistant.
It is an alternative visualization of the List Assistant for All Cadences and might be helpful for persons who have an issue with seeing the color coding.

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Thanks, that worked. I had clicked on it a bunch of times but didn’t think to right-click.

If anyone from Steinberg is reading this, it would help to have that information on this page.